Romania certified coaches

John Parr works together with certified Process Communication Model® coaches and trainers to create engaging workshops that can help you improve your team building, communication and other skills. Through these workshops, you can achieve your personal goals and establish and maintain effective business relationships. Get in touch with John at Process Communication UK for more information. He conducts workshops and seminars across the UK as well as in the rest of the world.

There are other certified trainers of PCM in Romania, who are not introduced on these pages. If you’d like to verify the certification of a professional then send an e-mail to zoltan.csigas [at]

PCM Certified Trainers In Romania

Oana Iliescu

I am a Certified Trainer in Process Communication Model , a NeuroMindfulness Master Practitioner and Certified Career Coach with extensive experience in building, delivering and supervising training programs. My activities include both projects for the local and global corporate area, as well as for employee training and the individual development of professionals from all business... View Article

Bianca Stefan

Someone told me if I knew programming to the level I know videos on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok, I would have been far in life.But I love failure. I have been working in IT for the last 9 years and I am passionate about personaldevelopment. My superpower is that I know who I am and... View Article

Cristina Neascu

Cristina is a Trainer, Actor, and Consultant. Professional experience – 7 years in Top and Middle Management recruitment in Romania and over 7 years as an actress on theater and film stages in England – represents an advantage in Romania: besides technical expertise and understanding the needs of business environment organizations, her acting experience has... View Article

Adriana-Elena Ianos

I have more than 15 years of experience in managing complex and challenging projects as well as people management. Fast-paced environment and multicultural dynamic are two of most interesting elements that make a difference to me. My experience in customer facing roles underlined the fact that communication is a key aspect for success. Armed with... View Article

Bogdan Secară


Bogdan has a medical doctor degree, chose sales and management as a career path, and has a solid track record of over 15 years in multinational companies that activate in pharma and medical industries, like Sanofi, Zentiva, Glenmark, organisations in which he successfully coordinated sales teams. He always was focused towards people and personal development,... View Article

Andrei Văcaru

Prior to becoming a trainer, Andrei pursued a career as a TV journalist for 13 years, during which time he perfected his interpersonal communication and public communication skills. He coordinated teams, produced and presented shows on both national television and private channels. During his 10 years of experience as a trainer, he has developed and... View Article

Costin Nicolae

My name is Costin. I am working in the Telecommunications Industry for 15 years, and I have extensive project management experience in Cloud Solutions and the Internet of Things. My current role is the team leader of a project management team delivering infrastructure projects. Apart from my daily role, I am an internal trainer and... View Article

Tudor Doru Motoc

Over the last 15 years, Tudor has worked in multinational companies as an engineer, project manager, people manager and trainer delivering a diverse set of training programs, coaching and consulting on topics such as Process Communication Model, team dynamics, project management methodologies. With a strong experience in IT security, infrastructure, products and business decisions, Tudor... View Article

Carmen Teodorescu

I am a person wearing many hats 😊 and I enjoy having multiple roles and working with different people. During my 19 years in the IT corporate world and as an owner at Soft Education, I went from the Finance, HR, Legal, Facility, Recruiting, Marketing to Education. It has been quite a journey until settle... View Article

Monica Cretu

Monica is a systemic business coach, ICF member and PCM certified Coach and Trainer. Her passion for coaching comes from the willingness to pay forward for her own personal transformation while experiencing coaching. The discovery of PCM shone a light on new perspectives for people development, as a tool for building positive personal and professional... View Article

Alexandru Cristian Toaxen

“In the end we retain from our studies only that which we practically apply.” You can contact me by e-mail at

Ana Siminea

I have over 10 years of sales experience, in which I have applied all the management and leadership tools. I recruited, trained and developed people, this being one of my strengths: leaning towards people. In the last 4 years I have gained experience in learning and development and each stage has brought me the knowledge... View Article

Mihaela Stancu

I dream of a world where we can do more of what we want than what ” we have to”! I wouldn’t say I am a dreamer, but I think that by the choices we make every day, we have the power to create our own future. I am passionate about communication, human behavior and... View Article

Raluca Alecu

Raluca almost celebrates adulthood in the world of personal and organizational development and still feels that it is just at the beginning. She wants to make her life and the lives of others a continuous evolution and she believes that this is her mission and vocation. In the past years, she has developed and delivered programs... View Article

Mihai Arghire


Mihai has a 15 years’ experience in commercial teams and for more than eight years he activates in the training industry, leading Brightway®, one of the most dynamic training companies in Romania. He delivered and coordinated professional and organisational development programs for more than 200 companies such as Adobe, Amazon, British American Tobacco, HP, ProTV,... View Article

Crina Penteleychuk

Crina Penteleychuk has a 15 years’ experience in working with groups and she has put the bases of her Trainer career starting in 2005 in trainers’ programs in Belgium, United Kingdom and Sweden delivered by international teams. In 2012 she founded Crilia and has delivered training through it ever since. Her preferred training topics are:... View Article

Alina Gafu


Alina is a highly adaptable, charismatic and action oriented trainer. Her career path has offered her the change and challenge needed in order to stay motivated, going thru sales, start-up businesses, building teams, and creating organizational cultures. The next natural step in her development has been to become a trainer, after being inspired by the... View Article

Alexandra Sava

My work is my life journey. Over the last 20 years I have accumulated hands on experience in management, communication and leadership, training and coaching, personal and team leadership and development. Each stage in my diverse professional journey brought new and complex insights, skills, and experience. These in turn bring relevance to the training and... View Article

Anca Coman

Anca Coman

In the last 11 years of working with people in national and multinational companies and 4 years in entrepreneurship, Process Communication Model (PCM) have been a red thread for me. I have taught it since the certification in 2009, I have practiced it every day and it has been my support in the most beautiful... View Article

Magda Tabac

Magda Tabac

I have gained over 12 years of experience in multinational organisations in Germany, Brazil, Romania and the United Kingdom, working in areas such as strategy consulting, commercial strategy and planning, customer experience, employee engagement and people management. During my last seven years in the corporate environment, I acquired a broad expertise in recruiting, training and... View Article

Andrei Radu

Andrei currently holds the position of “Head of South East Europe” for the Life Science division of Merck, is an MBA certified and has over 15 years experience in training, leadership, business management, project management and sales. Andrei remained fully connected to the corporate environment, which helps him to understand the complex dynamics of the... View Article

Ane-Mary Ormenişan

“We can see clearly only with the heart. The essence remains invisible to the eye…” Antoine de Saint-Exupery Founder and Business Administrator of Lifelong Learning Solutions Ltd  For more details you can access: About herself, in “other words”: I love people in a genuine way, express myself freely, bring passion in my life “equations” – to... View Article

Paul Olteanu


Paul Olteanu is a Master Trainer & Executive Coach currently focusing on designing and delivering transformational development programs, based on the latest findings in neuroscience and behavioural psychology. Starting with 2013 Paul has been each year the most active PCM Trainers & Coach in Romania, having worked PCM topics with more than 3500 managers, entrepreneurs and... View Article

Dana Grigoraș

Dana Grigoras

I’ve discovered PCM after 20 years of business management experience and it improved both my competence and that of my clients to manage individuals and teams achieve KPIs.  I’ve conducted training for companies such as Enel, Honeywell or Avon on business management topics including Strategic account management, Business development, Selling by influence, Conflict management. It... View Article

Costin Cadelcu

When i first “met” PCM my whole life changed, both professional and personal.  I used PCM with great results and reduced stress levels not only for me, but also for the people I interact with. When i discovered that people want to find out more and learn this awsome thing that changed my life, i... View Article

Andreea Bădescu

Andreea Badescu

I believe in the possibility of a world that can look and feel like a playground. A space in which we have room for everyone, different as we are, and in which we can do what we like most in the world. And in this space, “what we like most” is clearly our job. A... View Article