Certifying Master Trainer PCM and Master Coach Trainer PCM

John Parr MSc was certified as a certifying master trainer by Dr Taibi Kahler in Hot Springs, Arkansas on 5 May 2012. Dr Kahler (Creator of the Process Communication model), Nate Regier (USA), John (UK) and Jerome Lefeuvre (France) are the only four PCM certifying master trainers in the world.

John was originally certified in the Process Communication Model® by Dr Kahler in 2005. He launched PCM in Romania in 2006 and has since introduced the model in the UK. John began his career in electronic engineering and has worked as a Human Resource Manager for international companies. He has managed his own consulting company for over 30 years and has an impressive list of client companies, mostly multinational. He specialises in designing tailor-made training solutions for his client companies. He is recognised for his work on stress management and Emotional Intelligence.

John has a keen interest in Applied Emotional Intelligence and has designed a unique program to learn how to be Emotionally Intelligent and use the skills in both professional and personal relationships. His key focus is developing human relationships in the workplace. John has formed successful partnerships with leaders in behavioural and communications training. He can introduce you to other qualified and certified trainers and coaches to conduct PCM seminars.

PCM workshops in Romania

The Process Communication Model® provides a high degree of behavioural predictability. The model shows how all the possible personality types are to be found in each of us and how they are organised in our own unique structural order. PCM offers valuable methods for enhancing communication across different personality types, motivating self and others, managing stress and distress and many other useful tools. Contact John for details of how we may be able to facilitate change and growth in your organisation.