General Information

John Parr is one of only three PCM Certifying Master Trainers in the world. He conducts workshops for beginners, for those interested in becoming trainers or coaches and certifies Master Trainers. Based in the UK, John has a long history of training professionals in behavioural and communications skills. He has a pool of certified trainers and coaches available to conduct seminars in the UK and in Romania.

“Being able to use process communication is like having a magic wand.”

– USX Vice President

Courses and Seminars

The PCM Core Topics Seminar

Next Seminar February 2024 (On-Line)

These seminars are accredited CPD courses

“If you want them to listen, speak their language.”

PCM One seminar Core Topics (3 Days)

Discover how to use your communication skills effectively in business and personal relationships by attending this seminar. The PCM core topics seminar is a three-day program covering all the fundamentals of the Model. It is taught through didactic input, experiential exercises, group discussion and coaching on the application of the skills.

The seminar will show you how to apply the principles of PCM to your working environment and interact efficiently with different personality types; it also applies to personal relationships. You will discover how to use the model to motivate yourself and others, recognise reactions to stress, predict distress behaviours, develop skills to manage distress and invite others out of distress. By the end of the seminar, you will be able to apply the principles of PCM in your work and private relationships. You will develop several new skills.

Fee online- €1000 plus VAT where appropriate. You will receive a Personality Profile and a manual.
If you later decide to continue to Coach or Trainer certification, the fee for this workshop will be accepted as a down payment for the Trainer/Coach certification.


Advance seminar Conflict Resolution (2 Days)

This 2-day module takes you further into the model and provides additional exercises and practice to hone your new skills. As well as more advanced knowledge, you will receive coaching and feedback on applying the skills. Attending the 3-day Introduction seminar is a prerequisite to attending the advanced seminar.

To be agreed with the group.

Fee – €620 plus VAT. The fee includes the seminar and a manual.


Trainer Certification & Coach Certification seminars

The next session begins with the Core Topics in February 2024

Trainer Certification
A 16-day online modular course runs over five months

Every year, we run a series of Trainer Certification seminars. Upon completion and certification, you will become a certified process communication trainer.
This entitles you to present the 3-day core topics, the 2-day advanced seminars, and a range of other related seminars.

Fee for Online – €4,900 plus VAT.
Contact John for more information. The fee includes a personality profile, workshop manual, trainer manual, and PowerPoint presentation slide templates.

Dates available upon request:

Venue: Online


Coach Certification
A 16-day modular seminar run over three to five months

To complete the PCM coach certification course and become an accredited PCM Coaches, professionals must have completed:
The three-day core topics seminar and the two-day advanced seminar are prerequisites to attending the coach training
Process coaching application seminar – three days of PCM specific coach training, and further days of intensive training to practice the application of PCM in coaching, under live supervision.
Supervision sessions – coaches deliver three coaching sessions using the personal personality profile. They then take supervision on each session from a certified PCM coach

Examination – Candidates attend a three-day examination to gain PCM coach accreditation. The exam is both written and practical.

Only recognised coaches may attend these seminars

Since 2010 Kahler Communication Europe has run annual train the coach seminars. The TTC seminars are recognised by the ICF for the award of CCE units (11.50 units of core competencies and 10.75 units of other skills and tools).

Fee online- €4,900 plus VAT where applicable. The fee includes a personality profile, workshop manual and supervision.