Romania certified coaches

John Parr works together with certified Process Communication Model® coaches and trainers to create engaging workshops that can help you improve your team building, communication and other skills. Through these workshops, you can achieve your personal goals and establish and maintain effective business relationships. Get in touch with John at Process Communication UK for more information. He conducts workshops and seminars across the UK as well as in the rest of the world.

PCM Certified Trainers In Romania

Magda Tabac

I have gained over 12 years of experience in multinational organisations in Germany, Brazil, Romania and the United Kingdom, working in areas such as strategy consulting, commercial strategy and planning, customer experience and employee engagement. During my last seven years in the corporate environment, I acquired a broad expertise in recruiting, training and coaching, assisting... View Article

Andrei Radu

Andrei detine in prezent functia de “Head of South East Europe” pentru divizia Life Science a companiei Merck, este certificat MBA si are o experienta de peste 12 ani in training, leadership, business management, project management si vanzari.  Andrei a ramas pe deplin conectat la mediul corporate, ceea ce il ajuta sa inteleaga dinamica complexa... View Article

Ane-Mary Ormenişan

“We can see clearly only with the heart. The essence remains invisible to the eye…” Antoine de Saint-Exupery Founder and Business Administrator of Lifelong Learning Solutions Ltd  For more details you can access: About herself, in “other words”: I love people in a genuine way, express myself freely, bring passion in my life “equations” – to... View Article

Paul Olteanu

În ultimii 10 ani am ajuns să descopăr, să clarific și să traiesc zi de zi ceea ce simt că este pentru mine o misiune personală și profesională de profunzime: să sprijin oameni și organizații în efortul lor de a comunica mai bine, a se cunoaște autentic și a face zi de zi pași către... View Article

Dana Grigoraș

I’ve discovered PCM after 20 years of business management experience and it improved both my competence and that of my clients to manage individuals and teams achieve KPIs.  I’ve conducted training for companies such as Enel, Honeywell or Avon on business management topics including Strategic account management, Business development, Selling by influence, Conflict management. It... View Article

Alina Gafu

Alina is a highly adaptable, charismatic and action oriented trainer. Her career path has offered her the change and challenge needed in order to stay motivated, going thru sales, start-up businesses, building teams, and creating organizational cultures. The next natural step in her development has been to become a trainer, after being inspired by the... View Article

Costin Cadelcu

When i first “met” PCM my whole life changed, both professional and personal.  I used PCM with great results and reduced stress levels not only for me, but also for the people I interact with. When i discovered that people want to find out more and learn this awsome thing that changed my life, i... View Article

Andreea Bădescu

Cred că ne e posibilă o lume care arată și se simte ca un loc de joacă. Un spațiu în care avem loc cu toții, așa diferiți cum suntem, și în care facem ce ne place cel mai mult pe lume. Iar în acest spațiu, « ce ne place cel mai mult » e chiar... View Article