Anonymous - 2016

"Every day my stress levels decrease and the more I practice being in touch with and expressing my emotions authentically, this experience grows. I especially notice that my levels of fear and anger related to both situations and people now last for only seconds rather than becoming debilitating.
I experience increased acceptance from others and conflict has become something I manage in a relaxed way, even if a dispute is about an important issue. Thank you for developing and sharing this amazing model."

“I attended this course with John Parr because I realised that there were conflicts in my personal life that needed to be resolved. There was significant distress being caused by not understanding my own emotions and those of others. I am currently in a phase of my life where logic is key, and ironically once I realised that it was my reaction to the event and not the event itself that was causing my distress, things became much easier, and happier as a consequence. I gained significantly from attending this seminar. I have also attended PCM training with John, and would have no qualms in recommending any course or training with John.”

Name and address withheld by request

Anonymous - 2017

"The Emotional Intelligence seminar was of tremendous value for me. Not only that I got in touch with some forgotten emotions and situations, it also helped me to bring clarity to them. Since the seminar I am much more in touch with my own emotions, and I am able to address emotions in other people more easily. The seminar has some original content that is not available elsewhere. I can strongly recommend the course to everyone who want to get in touch with their own emotions and the emotions of others."
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